Sino-Pack 2017 and PACKINNO 2017: future packaging now

Organisers of Sino-Pack 2017 – the 24th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials, and PACKINNO 2017 – the China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products, have confirmed that the events will be held from 1-3 March 2017 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China and anticipate over 660 exhibitors from 22 countries across an exhibition area of 44,000 sqm.

Technavio, the global market research organization, predicts the worldwide packaging market will expand at a cumulative annual growth rate of more than 5% by 2020, driven primarily by the development of e-commerce and global demand from the healthcare and cosmetics sectors. The packaging industry continues to create significant value for consumer products companies through innovations that reduce production and shipping costs, and design advances that can help differentiate brands and boost sales.

Reflecting these future changes, Sino-Pack 2017 will feature 4 thematic zones including Smart Packaging, Logistics Packaging, General Packaging and Food Packaging that will cover a wide range of consumer product sectors including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverage, dairy products, logistics, electronics and e-commerce.

Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging offers many advantages over conventional packaging, such as increased shelf life, reduced counterfeiting, increased product safety coupled with low cost, and ease of implementation. With the growing requirements on product protection and food safety, the demand of smart packaging is increasing. The “Smart Packaging Zone” will showcase a series of automated packaging machinery, including automated production line, palletisers, sorting machines, containing machines, bulk handling equipment, stacking machines and demolition machines.

Logistics Packaging

Along with the rapid growth of supply chain and logistics businesses, the need for back-end packaging equipment of conveying, packaging, palletising, sorting, transportation and warehousing increases exponentially. The “Logistics Packaging Zone” will be set up with the latest logistics equipment and systems including barcode information systems, conveyor machines, stacking crane, three-dimensional rack and sorting machines.

General Packaging 

The “General Packaging Zone” will be expanded and exhibits include secondary packaging machines such as palletisers, strapping machines, boxing machines, ink-jet printing machines, shrink wrapping machines, automatic box filling machines, carton sealing machines, labelling machines, container machinery and skin packaging machines.

Food Packaging

The food packaging industry is driven by consumer response and industry players are looking for equipment that can fulfill the  demand of efficiency and functionality. The “Food Packaging Zone” introduces the latest sealing, wrapping, vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, forming, filling and sealing machines.

Logistic and Innovative Packaging Materials in PACKINNO 2017

The rapid growth in e-commerce has given rise  to the fast development of logistics packaging – PACKINNO 2017 will feature a special zone on “Logistic Packaging Materials” for showcasing popular, innovative and functional packaging products such as cartons, stretch film and inflatable bags. It will also retain the traditional paper and plastic packaging products for food and cosmetic industries.

In addition to conventional materials, the “Innovative Packing Materials Zone” will feature consumer product companies with the latest technologies and eco-friendly packaging materials such as master batch, ink, plastic packaging film and adhesives.