Multi-Color adds Dynamic Scheduling to its EFI Packaging Suite

US based Multi-Color Corp, a supplier of label converting solutions for consumer packaged goods and wine and spirit labels, is taking advantage of the scalable workflow architecture of EFI’s Packaging Suite by adding the Suite’s dynamic scheduling and resource optimisation component. This expansion allows Multi-Color to build on its investment in the Suite’s core EFI Radius ERP system with tightly integrated, award-winning scheduling technology.

The dynamic scheduling component will extend Multi-Color’s core ERP software to provide an even higher level of visibility and control across the enterprise. The Packaging Suite extends its impact throughout the operation, providing better information to sales, estimating, planning, costing and management teams.

With the EFI Packaging Suite, Multi-Color can also address technology upgrades and version management, two of the most difficult yet endemic challenges in enterprise workflow systems. All components in the suite operate based on the synchronised delivery of validated and certified software updates, so the thousands of different routines and processes that take place across the ERP workflow remain fully functional when enhancements, bug fixes or other changes occur in suite components.

The Packaging Suite offers the industry an advanced end-to-end integrated and automated workflow management solution. The Suite utilises smart software to globally optimise the business from the client’s desk throughout planning, production and delivery. It accomplishes this with certified workflows designed to fit the unique process and product mix of the packaging or label enterprise. The certified workflows eliminate touches, streamline production, reduce waste and improve capacity utilisation to provide Multi-Color with sustainable process and profit improvement.